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Photo Aug 16, 10 38 05 AMPhoto Aug 16, 10 43 16 AMPhoto Aug 16, 10 46 55 AMPhoto Aug 16, 10 46 46 AMPhoto Aug 16, 10 45 53 AM (1)JUMPER | MULES

Its my last full week in Portland, and I spent the day with my new friend Marina! She is a fellow mama blogger and probably the cutest human ever! It felt like we have been friends for forever, and I wish we met sooner! She lives in Portland, so she took me to one of her fave spots to eat downtown in the city! And let me tell you, it was so freakin good and so freakin pretty!

Ran around the city in this jumper from Lulus, and got so many compliments! I love the open back detail! Its perfect for summer, and looks super cute with a denim jacket! My look is linked above!

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