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This past weekend was one for the books, my best friend came into town with her fiance and stayed with us for a few days! We had so much fun showing them around Portland and just having them around! We went to Cannon beach and took their engagements and WOW. They turned out soo stunning!!  Not too mention we had the best time ever!

That Sunday we took a trip to Seattle, I have always wanted to go to Seattle because GREYS (obvs) I am a huge Greys anatomy fan so I was pumped to be in that city! Also its just iconic in itself, every corner/street is beautiful! We only had time to go to the touristy spots, but we plan on spending a weekend there again before we go home! I really want to ride the ferry, and go to the space needle! And maybe idk.. off the top of my head, run into Ellen Pompeo while she is filming an episode of Greys or something..Kidding ( kind of)

I had so many questions about this outfit, and this dress is on MAJOR SALE. Check it out in the links above! Also these shoes, I wear all the time, they are so comfy and just go with everything!

Thanks for reading lovers!


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