kids summer fashion with old navy

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If you didn’t know, my all time favorite place to shop for my girls is Old navy! They have everything I need that is not only cute, but functional for both ages, and great quality! This summer I am all about the rompers, and botanical prints, ruffles are always a good idea, and toned down bold colors are really catching my eye! I have never been one for bright over the top colors on myself, or my kiddos, thats why I love these colors/prints right now! Penelope’s outfit is still girly and pink, but not in your face pink! and who doesn’t love a good olive romper?! So many heart eyes for both of their little outfits! And how cute are Tatums shoes?! I wish they made those in my size! She doesn’t stop wearing them, she calls them her big girl shoes!

Tatum is such a little diva, I mean look at her little poses! She does that all on her own, literally I don’t tell her to pose any way, she just does her thing and I love it! She has me laughing the whole time I am snapping pics, both my girls got me smitten, I cant handle their cuteness!

Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring this post!


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