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BYE BYE UT – And hello Portland Oregon! yes you heard me, we moved! But only for a few months :) My husband does summer sales, and it it gives us the incredible opportunity to experience new places for a few months! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Portland, so this is a dream come true, and let me tell ya, it lives up to all the hype! It is insanely B-E-A-UTIFUL! its so green, waterfalls everywhere, and such a fun vibe! Everyone is so nice and friendly! So far we haven’t got to explore too much, just been to the mall 4 times… no big deal 😉 we have been busy getting settled, and situated into housing and such. The girls have been total angels, which is a blessing! I cant wait to head to the city and experience all the food! Ive heard the food here in literally to die for soo… yeah I am excited to stuff my face!

I shared some photos of the girls from our last day in UT, I cant believe how big they are! I say this all the time, but seriously! Its breaking my heart, time needs to chill out for a sec and let my babies stay little for a little longer!

*Cutest matching outfits from RAGS to RACHES*


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