Penelope update


Happy Friday peeps! I decided to do a little life update featuring penny girl, she is growing so fast, I feel like time is just flying by! In a couple weeks she will be 6 months old! my momma heart can take it 🙁 I am excited because she is starting to form the cutest personality, but I am sad because I know I will miss these sweet moments with her being on my hip 24/7.

I was reading through Tatums old monthly updates on my blog, (yeah I did a post for every month for Tatum and I am slacking with penny) by 5 months old Tatum was sitting up by herself, starting to scooch, and could feed herself her bottle. Penny isn’t doing any of that, which is so weird to me! She could feed herself her bottle if she truly wanted, she just would rather me to do it! And as far as sitting up.. she is getting there, but still just falls over… a-lot, but its fine! Tatum I feel just did everything quickly, she was walking by 8 1/2 months old! She was my first so I didn’t think anything of it!

Things penny loves:

  • being held (always)
  • bath time
  • toys
  • peaches
  • pears
  • apple sauce
  • bedtime
  • being on her tummy

Things she isn’t a fan of:

  • carseat
  • getting dressed
  • being in her swing
  • being put down

We are so in love with this little girl, Tatum adores her baby sister, and is always hugging and kissing her! And penny loooves Tatum, her face just lights up anytime she walks into the room! She truly is the sweetest little soul, she hardly ever cries, and just loves to snuggle!


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