Life Update: So Cal living

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Hello everyone, hope this post finds you well! I am just sitting on our cute little balcony in downtown San Diego, soaking in the warm California air! I decided to share a little life update with you all! Right now we are living in San Diego, my husband is doing pre-season for summer sales! It has been an absolute DREAM! I am in love with southern California, everything about it is a good time, there is so much to do around here! If we are bored we go shopping, or to the beach, or just walk downtown and explore the city! Tatum loooves the beach, she could spend all day there and be completely entertained the entire time! We took the kids to Sea world last weekend and it was so flippin fun! I have never been before, but it was so fun to see Tatum so excited! She was fascinated by everything there! This weekend we are heading to Disneyland for easter Sunday, I think I am more excited then the kids! :) Logan and I are children at heart, we love Disneyland we go probably 2-3 times a year!

We are missing family and friends back home, but we also wish we could just stay here forever! We are here for another 2 weeks and then we are off to Portland! I have never been so I am soo excited!

I also did a little online shopping and decided to share some of the items I have my eye on right now and things I purchased for spring!


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