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Hi everyone! Once again here I am apologizing for being the worst! We have been moving out of our little apartment for this last month and it’s been CRAZY! Honestly moving is the absolute worst! I didn’t even realize I had to so much stuff until I started packing everything! I don’t even know how I fit all that stuff in my little Apartment! My husband does summer sales so we are leaving for Portland Oregon for the summer! I am sooo excited! I’ve always wanted to go there! Anyways we decided to leave our apartment because when we come home we want to buy a house! We’ve been wanting to do this for forever, so I am very excited!

Yesterday me and the girls took a girls day and went to lunch, and then shopping! After getting rid of all my clothes during the move, I had to go buy more! Makes total sense right? I am Obsessed with everything in old navy right now! So many fun spring colors and patterns, my cart was completely full of so many goodies! And I found some adorable boyfriend shorts that I have been searching for since last summer! This green sweater is  the perfect transition piece! Because it isn’t heavy and still keeps my warm during those chilly days! Also how cute it the Color? I love it! And I totally have a thing for stripes this season!

I have a huge shopping problem for the girls! They both have sooo many clothes it drives my husband insane! But there are so many cute spring pieces for kids! I was going a little crazy for them! Like tatums shoes, I fell in love! And so did she, she hasn’t taken them off for two days straight! And how cute are her little boyfriend jeans? Why is everything so much cuter for little people?! And Penelope, her outfit is my absolute favorite! It looks like I took a ton of time putting it together but really, it’s just a cute one piece! So easy to throw on that little chunky body and head out the door! I’ve linked everything above!

Thanks for reading!

Thank you Old navy for sponsoring this post!

*photos are from charity rebacca photography


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