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Today we decided to go on a little family walk (even though it was raining.) We went down to the middle of town and looked at all the cute old vintage houses! I love them so much and wish I could buy them all! I just love the classic look, they are so cute! It wasn’t raining when we started our walk but when the rain came down Tatum was so confused! Haha she isn’t a fan at all, she was trying to put on a brave face, but I think it scares her a little bit! Penny girl was loooving it! She just kept looking up at the sky and would smile as the rain drops were falling on her face, I totally thought she would hate it! I love saturdays like this, where we all get to spend time as a family and just hang out! Even something as little as a walk around an old neighborhood! I’m just so obsessed with my little family, I truly feel like the luckiest momma/ wife on the planet!

Also side note, it refuses to be winter in southern UT, so I haven’t been wearing many winter things, but it decided to be winter today! And I was a little bit chilly not gonna lie! But I love these free people crops so much! They are so comfy and I love the tie detail! I linked them above! But if you’re local they are at blue linen boutique!


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