family update: Happy holidays!



Last minute family pics on Christmas eve, these were taken for Christmas presents for logs family. ( procrastination literally at its finest) This holiday season kicked my bootay, but it has been so rewarding and fun! Tatum is now at an age where Christmas is so fun for her, which means its so fun for us! She gets excited about everything, whenever we drive past a house with lights, her face lights up! And we also have to stop and say hi to every Santa clause we run into! This year we took her to Disneyland with logan’s whole family. It was sooo much fun! Tatum was a little cranky due to no sleep the night before, and no nap. But she still had a blast! We got her a signature book, and took pictures with every character we ran into. (no Mickey mouse sighting though which was sad) Her favorite person was Alice from Alice in wonderland, She would not stop staring at her, and holding her hand! And I am not kidding when I say I shed a tear or two when we watched the parade. Tatum waved at every single character, and if they waved back to her she would jump up and down with excitement! My heart would just explode with happiness and I couldn’t stop the happy tears! Being a parent around the holidays is so so fun, I look forward to creating new traditions with my little family! I wouldn’t want to spend forever with anyone but these three! They are my life!


Tatum: Is no longer my little nugget, but instead she is my sassy, crazy, singing, dramatic KID. She has a personality like no other, and most days she pushes me to my limits. She is obsessed with having the spot light on her at all times, she loves to perform for anyone and everyone, which I dont know where she got that from! I swear one day she just woke up and grew 4 inches, and started to full on talk and comprehend what people were saying to her. She is so so smart you guys, and she acts like a full blown adult most days! Some of her favorite things consist of, her learning games on her Ipad, dance class, anything Mickey mouse, Shawn mendes, books, and shoes! I love watching her grow, but can time please slow down?

Penelope: She is now 2 months old, and is the happiest baby ever! You look at her and she just beams with the biggest gummy smile! It seriously melts my whole freakin heart! She is obsessed with being held at all times, and loves to eat and sleep. She eats a ton, she is already in 3 month clothes, which is so different from tato, she was in 0-3 till she was 6 months old! She sleeps from 11PM-9AM straight through the night. I don’t know what I did to get such good sleepers, but I am convinced it is because she is on a routine, and we have a bedtime routine we do every night. She puts herself right to sleep after her night time bottle. Its amazing. She is the sweetest baby ever, and I am so so in love!

Log and I: I am still getting into the swing of things being a mother of two, but so far so good! I cant complain, and Logan has been a lot of help, which has been a blessing! I am venturing out into photography, and have been loving it so much! and Logan has been loving his job, he works 9-5 Monday through Friday, but we always make it a point to eat as a family when he gets home (even if it is eating food we didn’t prepare 90% of the time) We are tackling 3 years of marriage, and 2 kids like champs and I wouldn’t want to adult with anyone else!



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