Penelope’s birth story




The birth of my sweet Penelope rose was incredible. Honestly I have been so lucky with my labor experiences with both babies! I love it so much! Around 36 weeks I started having regular painful Contractions, I went to the hospital and they told me I was dilated to a 3 and 70% thinned. I was sent home because I wasn’t progressing, which I was happy about because she was still so little, she needed to cook just a little bit longer. They told me I needed to be on bed rest because they wanted to get me to at least 37 weeks so she wasn’t born considered premature. So I rested for a few days,
and still had contractions and was just waiting for them to change. With Tatum it was easy because my water broke, so that was a sure fire sign to head to the hospital! But penny, oh no it was a Straight up guessing game. I went into my 38 week appointment and my doctor was shocked I hadn’t had her yet. So he stripped my membranes and said “I’ll most likely see you tonight or In a day or two to have this baby girl!” I was excited because I had Tatum around 38 weeks and she was perfectly healthy and happy! And I was just so over being pregnant! (I don’t know how some women make it to 40+ weeks I would die) my induction was scheduled for the 26th of October which would make me 39 weeks, but my doctor was sure I wasn’t going to make till then. Well, days passed and nothing was changing! Baby girl was perfectly content chillin in my belly! I went in for my 39 week check up (it was scheduled for the day before I actually turned 39 weeks) and he was completely shocked. So he checked me and said I was the same as I have been since 36 weeks and he would see me tomorrow to be induced. I went home and put Tato down for a nap. and just watched tv and painted my nails. Around 4:30 pm I started feeling contractions every 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes then eventually every 3 minutes and they were stronger each time. But since I had Gone to the hospital 3 times because I thought I was in labor and turns out I wasn’t, I was convinced baby girl was just playing games with me again, and I wasn’t actually in labor. So I got in the shower to see if they would stop and they didn’t. Around 6:00 logan came home and he could tell I was in pain and kept saying “let’s go to the hospital babe” and I was just like “NO I don’t want to be sent home again, I’m fine I’m being induced tomorrow it’s fine.” we decided to go get food to see if maybe I was just hungry or something and then went to my moms house. Little back story, the reason I’ve been so worried and went to the hospital so many times was because I only labored with Tatum for 2 hours, and your babies come faster each time! So I was just terrified I was going to have this baby in the car! After we got to my moms My contractions were even closer about a minute and a half apart. This was around 8:30 pm and logan had left to go drop Tatum off at his parents house. I went with my gut feeling and asked my sister to take me to the hospital. We got there and everyone was just expecting me to be sent home again. But nope! I was dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced! Baby girl Decided to come the night before I got induced! They took me to my room around 9:45 pm and immediately got my epidural in so I didn’t feel any pain! Then my doctor came and in broke my water around 11:00 pm and I started pushing at 11:50 pm ( I went from a 5 to a 10 in 45 minutes) I was laying in bed talking to my photographer and videographer when I felt tons of pressure and heard Penelope’s heart rate drop. I knew that meant it was time, in walks my nurse and she says “ok she is ready let’s start pushing” immediately my body started shaking uncontrollably, I didn’t know why, I think it was because I was so nervous! I pushed 4 times and she was here! I looked at her and started crying because she looked so much like Tatum just darker! I’ve been imagining what she would look like my whole pregnancy and it was so surreal to finally see her! She made a couple cries but then stopped and just looked around while the doctors cleaned her off, she literally didn’t cry hardly at all! Both of our families were out in the hall, and I could hear them talking “why haven’t we heard her cry? Is she ok? What’s going on” my nurse picked Penelope up and brought her to the curtain to show my whole family she was ok and I heard them all cheer and get so excited! They handed her to me and I was just overwhelmed with how much I loved her! She was so beautiful! They brought Tatum in and she was soooo happy! She just kept saying “oh my gosh baby sister! I love you baby sister!” And would kiss her on the head! It made everyone cry! I am so incredibly lucky to have these two beautiful little girls, I love them both so much it hurts! And penny girl has been such a dream baby! She never cries and loves to sleep! I can’t wait to see her grow and see her personality shine through as she gets older, I can already tell she is going to be my calm child. Tato is my wild one and is full of sass and independence! And penny girl I feel will just be calm go with the flow kind of baby, because her older sister runs the show! But I can’t wait to see how she is and watch her grow and I love seeing Tatum be a big sister! She is so sweet to Penelope, always smiling at her, talking to her and bringing her blankets and toys! It’s so sweet and I am so so blessed!

Thanks for reading!

*photos by ashley Meagan photography*
*video by bree Liston photo*


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