WOW, I am really struggling here keeping up with this blog! Im sure when the baby gets here and I am cooped up in my house, it will become my best friend again! But for now, I feel like I barely have anytime to myself. I am trying to squeeze in work as much as I can before sweet P arrives! Because I know I am going to go stir crazy here in a little while! Little bump date, I am 36 weeks today, and my body is starting to prepare for labor! My doctor said theres a 99% chance she will arrive around 38 weeks. (which is when Tatum arrived) Thats 2 weeks people! I am freaking out a little, but mostly soo excited! I have felt pretty good these last few weeks, I have more energy and haven’t been sick! Even though my body aches a lot, which I think is normal right?? Anyways back to Penelopes arrival, if she doesn’t come around 38 weeks, then I will be induced the following week! I hope I make it to my induction date, I am super nervous to go naturally because I only labored with Tatum for 2 hours! And they say your babies come faster each time soo… slightly scared I’ll be delivering in the parking lot! (pray for me please) My baby shower is this weekend, I am excited, but I will admit these things give me a little anxiety. Is it just me or does anyone else fear that no one will show up, and you’re just left alone stuffing your face with treats crying?? I don’t have a lot of family near by, so thats no safety net for me. But I do have the greatest friends who are traveling from out of town to come, and not to mention the cutest mom and sister who are throwing it! I am so ready for this sweet babe to get here, but Ill admit, I get super attached to the bump. Just knowing she is safe and sound inside my belly just makes me so happy!

Decided to share some pictures and outfit details from this shoot I did for DIFF eyewear! And provide a sweet discount code for my followers! For every pair of glasses sold DIFF will donate a pair to those in need! I love working with companies who’s passion is to help others! You can check them out here. Ive also linked the exact pair of sunnies I am wearing up above! use code “LAURENV25” for 25% off a pair! Also, this dress is maternity, so for all you mommas out there who are expecting, this dress is seriously my go-to! No really… I have it in 4 colors! It’s the softest material ever, and so so comfy! Don’t worry, for all you non preggos out there Ive linked some dresses very similar to this one above along with some denim jackets I am LOVING, and some other sneaks similar to the ones I am wearing that I want really bad! 🙂

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