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Oh my gosh, its been so long since my last post, I am so embarrassed.. This pregnancy has truly kicked my booty! I haven’t had any motivation to do a single thing, which isn’t good! I decided to share a bump date post since I am 30 weeks pregnant now! wow that flew by so flipping fast, I can’t even believe it! This pregnancy is so different from my last in a lot of ways, good and bad! Lets start with the good, for starters, I feel like I am a little smaller this pregnancy.. if that makes sense! I was looking at pictures from my pregnancy with tatum and comparing them to me now, and I was so much bigger, and swollen last time! Even my family has said I look way different this pregnancy. I just remember at 30 weeks with tatum my lips, face, nose, feet, and ankles were sooooo swollen! And my belly was a lot bigger and wider. Where as this pregnancy I haven’t noticed any swelling, and I haven’t gained as much weight as I did with Tato! I also haven’t craved sweets this time around (to a point, I always want sweets pregnant or not!) Now the bad, I have been way more sick, uncomfortable, and EXHAUSTED. Its hard to find motivation these days I swear! I could lay on the couch all day and be totally content. Fortunately for me, I have a crazy 2 year old who does not let that happen! This baby is very very active, I feel like she is moving all the time and giving me those sharp kicks that make me fold in half and holler in pain 🙂 She is so so worth it though, I can’t even tell  you how excited I am for her arrival! I got the green light to be induced 1 week early! I asked my doctor to do this because with Tatum I only labored for 2.5 hours! So I am terrified I am going to have this baby in the parking lot! He said chances are since I had Tatum 2 weeks early, I could very easily have this baby 2 weeks early as well, but he said if she doesn’t come early then he will make sure everything is good to go and induce me! I am praying this labor goes as well as my first! Tatum was such a breeze!

On another note being pregnant in the summer has been a challenge, heat wise and clothing wise! I have had a lot of people ask me what I am wearing and where its from, so I will be doing a few up coming pregnancy fashion posts! I have some great finds that are perfect for during and after pregnancy! This jumper is Albion, and I am obsessed with it! its the comfiest thing you’ll ever wear I promise! I can’t wait to wear it after baby girl is born! the link to this look is up above!

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