The carnival is in town!

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Summer is just the absolute best time of the year! And the 4th of July weekend is one of my favorite holiday weekends, its just the atmosphere, everyone is happy and outside doing stuff all the time! And who doesn’t love BBQs, s’mores, and fireworks?? Tonight we found out that our little town was having a 4th of July carnival, so we packed up tato, and took her there! She was in awe of all the rides, colors, and lights! She just kept pointing at everything in excitement! We took her on the merry-go-round and she was laughing the whole time! She was so sad when the ride was over, after that we walked to a local restaurant and ordered some Italian sodas! I love spending summer nights doing stuff like this, when you have kids, sometimes is easier to stay inside and turn on a disney movie, because the day just caught up with you! But I really cherish these moments, and making memories with my little family! I hope to spend many more nights like this!

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