New addition coming November!




I feel like I have been keeping this secret for 100 years! But now the secrets out, baby Vickery will be here November 2nd, 2017! I cannot contain my excitement! I have been wanting a little baby for a while now, but we could never agree on when the right time was. I was also really nervous because Tatum is such a mommas girl, I felt like bringing a new baby into the world would just rock hers, and she would be super jealous! But she is getting bigger, and a little less dependent on me (kinda). I think she will be the greatest big sister, and I am so excited to see how she reacts to this new little human entering her world! (its Tatum’s world we’re just living in it) I found out I was pregnant in February, now side note, Tatum wasn’t planned, she was a total surprise. But this one was, so I was expecting to have some trouble getting pregnant for awhile, because I feel like every woman does in her lifetime.. I would tell Logan “were probably gonna have to try for a couple months” but we decided to try right away and BOOM! We got pregnant on the first try, I was so shocked, and so so happy! I started feeling sick and exhausted even before I knew I was pregnant, and this is so new to me because with Tatum I had zero pregnancy symptoms. This baby has given me every symptom X10 I swear! All I want to do is sleep all day, and attempt to keep food down! Food has become my worst enemy these days, finding something to eat that my stomach (baby) agrees on is a challenge. Everything I used to love is everything that makes me green in the face, and even smells set my nausea on an all time high! Things are getting a little easier, which makes me think this is just a first trimester thing, I am seriously praying that’s the case here! But we are so excited, we already have names picked out for both genders! So now we just play the waiting game! I would love Tatum to have a little sister, because I am so close with my sister. But of course Logan wants his little man! I will be thrilled whatever the gender is, I am just over the moon with excitement! I cant wait to meet our sweet little babe!

Sharing a few photos, and a sweet video my best friends made for me for this special announcement!

Thanks for reading!

*Photos taken by Kenna Orr photography*

*Video by Jordan wall*


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