Holiday prepping

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Hello everyone! Hope this post finds you well, today I am letting you guys glimpse into my tiny little apartment. We are looking to buy or build a home next year, so this is our little place we like to call home for now! Today we messed around with our new camera, and finished decorating for the holidays, (even though I’ve had my tree up since the middle of November! :) ) I let Tatum put the star on top of the tree, and she thought it was the coolest thing ever! She kept clapping and saying “yay tato” haha I think its so cute that she says her own name! even when she spills something she says “on no tato” its the cutest thing! Ok, side note, since we are planning on moving into a home, we want to purchase all new furniture for our new place! I don’t love the furniture we currently have, it was all hand-me-downs from family members. But hey its perfect for a messy little toddler, right? Cause she gets junk all over EVERYTHING. Below I have some housing inspiration! ┬ájust some ideas to play off of when we start the process of getting a home! all the links to the pictures are up above!


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