Laced hair // extension tutorial


Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about clip in hair extensions! I have been wearing extensions for the last 6 years and I’ll probably never not wear them! I had the opportunity to work with laced hair and their team. I had an absolute BLAST! All the girls were so nice, and we really had a lot of fun the whole day! Now as you can see my natural hair is so short, and so thin 🙁 I didn’t get the good hair gene like the rest of my family, but thats ok! I have tried a lot of different hair extensions, (beads, wefts, tape ins, etc) And my favorite by far are clip ins. I love that you can move them around for any hair style, personally I feel like with other extensions its hard to hide them if you do certain styles, so clip ins work best for me! But everyone is different! as a mom of a rambunctious little toddler, I need my morning routine to be quick. Putting in these extensions takes less then a minute, win win! I shared a video down below that I filmed with the laced hair team, and it shows you how fast and easy it is to clip in you extensions. I didn’t even use a mirror for behind my head or a comb! The hair is such great quality, and just the right amount of thickness! I am wearing 24″ autumn ombre 10/22 and it blends with my hair so perfectly!

Ive linked their site above so be sure to check them out! Ill be sharing more photos from this shoot in some separate posts! enjoy!


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