Halloween 16

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Hey everyone! Hope your week is going good, its almost over! And I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I know we did! How cute does Tatum look?! Seriously I am still so obsessed over her costume, and she surprisingly loooooved it! Probably because she was getting so much attention. Everywhere we went people would stop and just say how cute she looked, or how cute her costume was, and she was just eating it up! We even had multiple people tell us this was the best costume they had seen the whole night! So people, cotton candy was a hit, so if you want a cute costume idea for your kiddos, this is sure to turn some heads! And I made it all by myself, and it was super easy! She did so well trick-or-treating, I was a little nervous because she is usually all over the place, but she just walked to every house with a big grin on her face and stayed right by us! My dads neighborhood had a huge block party, so thats where we were most of the night. She was singing and dancing and just being so dang cute! I made a short little video of her trick-or-treat fun and you can view that down below! I wanted me and logan to dress up like kids with their cotton candy, but logan was so not down for dressing up (such a lamo) so I was rocking it by myself and I have no shame! Hope everyone had a great Halloween, and rest of the week!

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