Summer goal // plexus yoga wheel

LEGGINGS: Target// SPORTS BRA: Free people// YOGA WHEEL: Plexus wheel// 

Despite how easy and simple this wheel looks, its really really not easy at all! When I first got this I totally thought in my mind I was going to master every pose like a pro! Mind you, I do yoga like once every 3 months.. I am so not and avid yoga attender, though I really love it, and how it makes me feel! That is why I was so excited about this wheel, it has challenged me in more ways then I ever thought it even could. Even the easy poses are super difficult, because it tests your strength and your balance. My goal this summer is to not let this wheel totally kick my butt! Every night since I have had it I have been practicing some of the poses ( the wheel comes with a little paper that has all the poses you can try with pictures to see how they should look!) I really love it and its totally making me stronger! join me and use the code “rollwithit15” you’ll get 15% off on your own personal wheel! This code will be active on July 22nd (if you follow me on instagram ill be posting the code there on the date its activated) and it will be available till August 5th! Get up and challenge yourself, I promise you’ll love it!

Thanks so much Plexus wheel for sponsoring this post! check them out here!

*All pictures are from Melissa hill photography!*



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  1. Amanda cordaro
    July 20, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    I love this! Thanks for the discount!

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