4th of July

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Tatum is giving you her best 4th of July smile

SHIRT: H&M // SHOES: H&M // SHORTS: thrifted // TATUMS DRESS: Old navy// TATUMS SHOES: Journeys kids//

So I went down visit the hubs for the 4th because.. duh I love him and this is one of my favorite holidays so it was the obvious choice! We had so much fun, we went to the Santa Monica pier with some of Logans roommates. Tatum was loving all the attention from strangers waving her flags around! We took her on the mary-go-round, and I totally thought her reaction would be way better then it actually was.. she is hard to impress I tell ya! I just love the 4th of July, and its even more fun with an energetic toddler surprisingly! she has the best reactions to everything, and she is always keeping up entertained!



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