Ice cream party!

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Today we have teamed  up with Halo top Creamery to show you that all natural, no artificial sweeteners, and only 240 calories a pint, can  be good and healthy for you! and let me just tell you, it is sooo GOOD. Tatum is teething, And has been oh so cranky these past few days! The only thing that makes her happy, is a nice bowl of ice cream. She smiles the whole time while eating it, and I feel better about her eating it! and me having a nibble or two… or three 🙂 

We have been enjoying every single flavor, there isn’t a bad one! If you are local you can find these at Harmons grocery! Don’t worry, if you aren’t local head to their page (link up top) and search for local vendors who carry them!

Now go get some good healthy ice cream!Untitled-1


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