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Would you Believe me if I said these shorts used to be really ugly DI pants? Well believe it or not, they totally were! I was online shopping the other day, and found shorts like these that I loved, until i saw the price! They were so expensive, and they looked like I could do them myself! SO I decided to do a little DIY project, and I am completely obsessed with how they turned out! (couldn’t have done it without my sister!)

Below are pictures and a brief description of how we did them, and before and after pictures of course! It was actually really easy and fun, and not to mention CHEAP!

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These babies are from the DI, and one of them is even from the mens section!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetAnd These are the ugly pants RE-VAMPED into cute over sized high waisted shorts!

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I tried on all the pants, and my sister marked where we wanted them to be cut off!

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We distressed the darker ones A LOT, and the way we did it was with an old knife, we ran the knife over the pant to loosen them until it made a little hole, then we just split the hole bigger, and pulled out all the strings! (in the picture I am just running the knife back and forth in the same spot till it made the hole, the knife I was using was a bread cutting knife, it had little teeth on it. )

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With these ones we didn’t distress them like the last pair, we just made a few little holes in them. We used scissors to cut the slits and used the knife to make them look distressed by rubbing it back and forth on the outsides of the slits until it started to fray, and then pulled some strings out.

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With these two pairs, we didn’t distress them at all. We cut them a little longer, and then rolled them to our desired length!

We had so much fun making these! and I highly recommend everyone try making some!

If my description was hard to follow you can find easy distressing tutorials on pinterest! Untitled-1

Just buy it!


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