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How fun is it to have a Piece of clothing that you can literally change it up every-time you wear it?! Its amazing is what it is, This tunic is everything I need and more! Every time I wear it, I always change it up with something different! I have shared a few different ways of how to style this tunic/dress! (its a little too short on me as a dress- I realized this as I was editing the pictures) I have so much fun finding pieces that go together and just mesh well, and I feel like I can totally do that with this! And on the plus side it totally fits your budget! I was asked to be apart of #styleyourLOVE with Love Winnie and James shop. It’s an online boutique, and they always have the cutest inventory! Check them out here, and stay tuned, I have so many more posts featuring their clothes and how to style them! Happy Friday!Untitled-1

Outfit #1


Cardi (color sold out)


Knee socks

Outfit #2





Outfit #3

Pants (added holes myself)


Thank you Love Winnie and james for sponsoring this post!

More faves!


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