Lazy mondayzzz

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It is always so nice to have a day off of work to do absolutely nothing with my sweet babe! And it’s even better when it’s a Monday! Today we just decided to be lazy and stay in sweats (Tatum looks way cuter then me) and watch movies and just play around at home! She was being so cute and giggly I had to take out the camera and take a few pictures! She is such a blessing to our lives! And she is so much fun! Lately, I have been feeling really baby hungry, I think its because Tatum isn’t really a baby anymore:( I miss the all day snuggles, and how I could just hold her everywhere I went. (can’t do that now with this go girl) Logan isn’t baby hungry one bit 🙁 I just want a little newborn again! Maybe I can persuade him 😉 Tatum is at such a fun age though, I am enjoying every bit of being her mom, even on the toughest days! Love this little girl, and I cant wait to grow our family in the continuing years!


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