Early Thanksgiving

IMG_7155 IMG_7159 IMG_7168 IMG_7171IMG_7095IMG_7101IMG_7083IMG_7110IMG_7118IMG_7121clapping cause its her favorite thing!IMG_7133IMG_7140IMG_7141IMG_7146IMG_7147IMG_7149IMG_7191IMG_7194IMG_7202IMG_7213IMG_7216I think this one loves some pie!IMG_7227 IMG_7230 IMG_7235 IMG_7239 IMG_7257 IMG_7260 IMG_7261IMG_7433IMG_7436This year my moms side of the family decided to do Thanksgiving a few weeks early! Just because everyone is super busy and has other plans around the actual Thanksgiving! It’s a tradition to always have a HUGE dinner with my nana & grandpa, my mom, siblings, and my aunt and uncle and their son! We are a small family, but its still so fun! Just being with each other, eating amazing food, and relaxing! Tatum was loving all the attention and good food coming her way! I am so happy she is old enough to enjoy the food with all of us! She was obsessed with the cherry pie! It was all over her face and hands, she was just the happiest little bug-a-boo!

This is my favorite time of year!



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