Amber Fillerup inspired “twist braid”

“twist braid tutorial”

IMG_7008Start with your hair down, and spray a little bit of dry shampoo for texture. I use 20″ Bellami clip in extensions for length and thickness! These extensions are heaven sent! A direct link will be at the bottom of this post to their site! (step mommy likes to write cute notes on the mirror for my dad every morning! How freaking cute right?)IMG_7011Dutch french fishtail from the top of your head down to about a half-an-inch above your ear, then just do a normal dutch fishtail all the way down the rest of the hair. (link for a how to do a dutch fishtail is at the bottom of this post)IMG_7012make sure to do it on both sides 🙂 like so! and pull apart each braid to look thicker, and more messy!IMG_7015Take both fishtails and cross them in the back of your head and bobby pin each end.IMG_7019Split the remainder of your hair in half, put the bottom half off to the side.IMG_7028Fish tail the top layer of hair, and pull it apart so it looks thick and messy!IMG_7031On the bottom half of hair do a normal three strand braid, pull it apart to make it look thicker.IMG_7034Next, twist both the braids together all the way down to the bottom and tie off with an elastic.IMG_7035Pin the braids together in the back of the braid so it lays flat. (I do one pin at the top, one in the middle, and one towards the bottom, but do what works for you!)IMG_7039Finishing product! This braid is sorta time consuming, but I love how it looks! and I always get so many compliments whenever I do it! Thanks so much Amber Fillerup for the hair inspo!

ps. since we are in the middle of trying to build our first home, I had to do this in my step moms bathroom cause it was the only room with a big window for natural light!

Hair products I used for this style:

Bellami hair clip in extensions


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