Summer Recap

IMG_4106IMG_4094IMG_4058IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_3502 IMG_3496 IMG_3493 IMG_3490IMG_3484IMG_3444 IMG_3439 IMG_3512 IMG_3420-Edit IMG_3412 IMG_3375 IMG_3373 IMG_3193 IMG_3191 IMG_3185 IMG_3164 IMG_3349 IMG_3346 IMG_3210 IMG_3376This summer was definitely one for the books! As most of you know, Logan had the opportunity to do summer sales in Toledo Ohio. Which means me and the babe packed up for the summer to live in a totally different environment then what we were used too. They housed us in this little town about 10 minutes out of Toledo called Perrysburg. Or as everyone over there called it “prettysburg” and boy did that name fit it right! This town was STUNNING, so green, so clean, and so colorful. All the houses were colonial, wooden, and had a colorful front door, (my personal fave) Main street was our main hang out spot, it was over looking the river with a train track that ran right in the middle of town. Talk about HEAVEN. I was in love, and the food was AMAZING. I told Logan I just wanted to drop everything and buy a little house for our family, and stay here forever. I am going to share all the pictures I never got to post because, well they are so cute and fun! Tatum loved it, and she really reached all of her big mile stones while we were out there. When we first arrived all she could do was roll over, and by the time we left, she was crawling. I am so so thankful for this summer, I made some amazing friendships, and grew closer to my husband, because we basically only had each other. anyways I am beginning to ramble! Enjoy the pictures!



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