Seven months with Tatum


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 I say this EVERY TIME. But holy cow my baby is just growing so fast! I was recently going through all of her clothes, and stumbled upon all her newborn stuff. It’s so crazy how she used to be that small! This is age is by far my favorite, she is so funny, and so advanced!
she is already starting to stand up all by herself! She can stand up for like 3-4 seconds before she falls down. (lots of bums on her poor little noggin) She is becoming a lot more sassy I tell ya. If she doesn’t get her way she stiffens her arms out straight and screams. She is into EVERYTHING now that she is mobile. The funny thing is, she doesn’t crawl like a normal baby. She crawls on her hands and feet, which is exactly what Logan did when he was a baby! I think it is sooo funny! she doesn’t lift her head up when she crawls either, so she runs into everything. She now says “dada” all. Day. Long. It used to be momma but not anymore 🙁 at least it was her first word though! She is such a mommas girl, she doesn’t want anyone else. She just constantly wants me to hold her. But she loves attention from people, if she isn’t getting attention she will make loud noises and flap her arms until someone looks at her and then she will just laugh and smile! I love watching her grow and achieve new milestones everyday. She is such a blessing and I can’t say this enough, but I am so so lucky to be her mom. Its the most rewarding thing in the world!

Size: Still in 0-3 month clothes, but starting to fit in 6-9 month! Still size 2 diapers and size 0-1 in shoes!
Sleep: Goes to bed at 9:00 pm and wakes up around 8:30-9:00 am. Takes two naps a day that usually range from an hour to two hours! The best sleeper!
Food: She now has a few formula bottles because I am slowing down on milk supply 🙁 She drinks 6-7 ounces every three hours and eats a solid breakfast and a solid dinner!
Hair: Slowly but surely growing some hair! She has a few really long stringy hairs on the side of her head, and its coming in super light!
Eyes: She has all three colors in her eyes! No joke, they are sooo pretty they are super green in the the sun! so big and round!
  • crawling (stink bugging)
  • says “momma” and “dada”
  • pulls herself into standing position
  • stands up all by herself for a few seconds
  • passes toys hand to hand
  • gives kisses
  • picks things up super well
  • puts her binky in all by herself


  • Her binky
  • cuddles
  • kisses
  • giving kisses
  • bath time
  • her stroller
  • her toys
  • her swaddle blankets
  • her swing
  • anything that makes noise
  • my phone
  • her aunts and uncle
  • grandparents
  • dogs
  • nap time
  • cartoons (princess sofia and mickey mouse clubhouse)


  • getting her face wiped off
  • boogers sucked out of her nose
  • laying down flat
  • getting dressed
  • getting her diaper changed
  • her car seat
  • the car 🙁
  • when you take things away from her



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