We’re in Chicago!

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CHICAGO! My new favorite city! I fell in love the second we pulled up to the city skyline. This Fathers day we decided to be spontaneous and take a quick trip to a city we have never been to before. We are only a 3 hour drive from Chicago so we thought why not! I am so so glad we did, I had so much fun! We didn’t even have a plan, we just drove there and parked our car for the day, and walked around! We ate at places we have never even heard of, and they did not disappoint! Tatum was an angel the whole day (big surprise, she always is!) She didn’t make a peep the whole time, just sat back in her hippo stroller and enjoyed being outside! My favorite thing we did all day was the water taxi down the Chicago river, we had been walking through-out the whole day. We took the taxi from Navy pier, all the way back into the heart of Chicago. It was nice to just sit back and relax, yet still feel like you were getting the whole effect of the city!

Tatum loved seeing all the locals that would stop and ooooh and aaahhh at her, she knows she is cute, so she always smiles and laughs at strangers and they just go nuts!
I think I enjoyed it so much because we didn’t have a plan, we just walked around and shopped and just enjoyed being out with each other. I never get to explore with Logan because he is always working, Sundays are his only days off. So I’m glad I got to experience this city with him on his first fathers day! Definitely an unforgettable trip!



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